A Rooftop Tale

An emotional metroidvania story with pets.

A 2D adventure story-driven metroidvania, supported by puzzle and action mechanics.

  • Metroidvania-like because of the big and interconnected worlds, maps and rooms;

  • Monkey Island-like because of the fun and charismatic characters, dialogues and situations;

  • Broken Sword-like because of the long and deep story-driven narration and puzzle;

  • Celeste-like because of the beautiful balance between action and emotion.

❛❛ A flood blocks the roads of a small rural town. All stray and domestic animals, lost or left behind, decide to occupy the roofs (and not only), to survive and control the various territories.
The protagonist, Francis, a french bulldog raised by a stray cat, decides to embark on a journey to reach the city and unravel a mystery.
Unfortunately, along his way, he runs into several problems and some characters who don't facilitate the journey.❜❜

The project will be launched later on Kickstarter. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to be updated.