My Projects

so far...

Being an ambitious tireless artist as I am, involves jumping into multiple projects at once, which gets you to gastratis, but also amazing satisfying results, such as creating the whole character design and animation assets with a AAA company like PUBG for their new game, POBG.

I got a lot going on, not only with pixel art, but my most ambitious project, right now, is developing my own complete first game: A Rooftop Tale, which will be launched later on Kickstarter.

I have worked on POBG as the only Character Designer and Animator for the in-game Pixel Art, since the concept phase during 2020 to its release, on the 1st of April, 2021.


POBG (PlayerOmNom's Battlegrounds) is a top-down shooter videogame released by PUBG, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, within its own game, as the 2021 April's fool.

The game is completely designed in pixel art with a retro style and a side-to-topdown perspective.​

I created and curated several aspects of the Game Art, which included:

  • 40+ Character Designs, multiplied by 6 directions;

  • 100+ Character Animations (Walk, Roll, Attacks, Hints, Death, etc.), multiplied by 6 directions;

  • 40+ Weapon Designs;

  • All 24 UI Designs for the Skill System;

  • Several Environment Designs & Animations (Kits, Fire, Parachute, etc.)

If you're curious to check the project's gallery, click on the angry charging chicken below.


I'm the only artist and developer behind this game, working as a one-army man: game artist, animator, game developer, game designer and writer.


A metroidvania style mixed with exploration, puzzle and action components. A beautiful storyline about a french bulldog, raised by a stray cat, who will plan an adventure from a little country to the big city, where everything is abandoned and left behind due to an immense flood.

To check the gallery and read more about it, click below, on Francis the French Bulldog.


Over 6 months (not full time) I worked on design, animation and art direction for LIMITLESS a music video, in collaboration with Bryan Bellec, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.


I took care of character design and environment design, as well as cel animations, completely in pixel art. The result is a 3 minutes video with a cool song by Bryan Bellec & Skrybe and the video edit by Nick Ganzina.

To check more stuff about the project, click on the speakers below before the bass drops.